Basic Scriptural Studies 1

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Proving the word of God


You are responsible to personally study the word of God and understand it because how you respond to what it says will affect your life and eternity. The Scripture recommends that you do not base your belief system on what you hear from the pulpit alone. God wants you to prove (test, examine, verify) all […]

The Truth-Why you must follow it


Can they all be true? In a world full of many religions, doctrines, belief systems, and teachings. And even more in Christianity with thousands of church denominations and contradicting doctrines. What is the truth and why must you follow it? Study Questions 1. What is truth? 2. Why is the Word of God considered to […]

The sufficiency of God’s Word


This is one of the most important bible study topics you will ever study because it will determine how you see and relate to the Word of God. “Sufficiency of the Holy Scripture” is a doctrine that has brought much controversy in Christianity as to whether the scripture contains everything humanity needs to know about […]

The attributes of God’s word


Introduction The more you study the Scriptures, the more you become aware of its awesome attributes and at the same time amazed by how powerful, versatile, and useful it is. In this study, the qualities inherent in the word of God will be examined. Study Questions 1. What are the different forms the word of […]

The Importance of God’s Word


Introduction The most important book you will ever study is the Bible. Even though it was written thousands of years ago, the content is still very relevant to us today. The Bible is a book given to us for a purpose by a loving and merciful God. In this study, we will be looking at […]