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Halloween: What a Bible believer must know.


Introduction Halloween is a popular and growing celebration in our world today. A time where houses are decorated with spooky images, playing of pranks, dressing in costumes, children going door-to-door in their customs shouting “trick or treat” and asking for candy treats. What is the origin of Halloween? And should a true Bible believer participate […]

The Sabbath. Catholic and Protestant Stunning Admissions


Introduction The Catholic Church has never denied the role she played in replacing the Sabbath with the day of the Sun. Going through many of their own writings, it is overwhelmingly clear that the Catholic Church played a major role in the change of the Sabbath observant to Sunday keeping. This is also true for […]

The Origin of Sunday Worship


‬‬‬Introduction The Bible clearly revealed that the Sabbath is the day the Creator set apart for public, family and personal devotion to Him. It is evidently clear from the scriptures that the Messiah kept the Sabbath, Luke 4:16-19, 23:54-56. The apostles and the early Church were all Sabbath-keepers, Luke 4:31; Acts 13:14, 42-44, Acts 15:19-21, […]